EN 60695-11-10 Fire hazard testing Part 11-10: Test flames — 50 W horizontal and vertical flame test methods

EN 60695-11-10 Fire hazard testing Part 11-10: Test flames — 50 W horizontal and vertical flame test methods

1 Scope

This part of IEC 60695 specifies small-scale laboratory test procedures intended to compare the burning behaviour of different materials used in electrotechnical products when vertically or horizontally oriented test bar specimens are exposed to a small flame ignition source with a nominal thermal power of 50 W. These test methods determine either the linear burning rate or the self-extinguishing properties of materials.

These test methods are applicable to solid and cellular materials that have an apparent density of more than 250 kg/m3, determined in accordance with ISO 845.

Two test methods are described. Method A is a horizontal burning test and is intended to determine the linear burning rate of materials under specific test conditions. Method B is a vertical burning test and is intended to determine whether materials self-extinguish under specific test conditions.

NOTE 1 ISO 9772 [8]1 describes a test method for the determination of the burning characteristics to be used for materials with an apparent density of 250 kg/m3 or less. ISO 9773 describes a test method for the determination of the burning behaviour to be used for materials that due to their thinness, either distort and/or are burned up to the holding clamp using Method B of this standard.

The test methods described provide classifications (see 8.4 and 9.4), which may be used for quality assurance, the pre-selection of component materials of products, or to verify the required minimum flammability classification of materials used in end products.

NOTE 2 Guidance on pre-selection is given in IEC 60695-1-30. This basic safety publication is intended for use by technical committees in the preparation of standards in accordance with the principles laid down in IEC Guide 104 and ISO/IEC Guide 51. One of the responsibilities of a technical committee is, wherever applicable, to make use of basic safety publications in the preparation of its publications. The requirements, test methods or test conditions of this basic safety publication will not apply unless specifically referred to or included in the relevant publications.
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