NF F 16-101 Railway rolling stock Fire behaviour Choice of materials

NF F 16-101 Railway rolling stock Fire behaviour Choice of materials


The purpose of this standard is to establish rules relationg to the choice of materials according to their fire behaviour with regard to reaction to fire,opacity of smoke and toxocoty of gases emitted。
It establishes classification objectives and specifies the minimum classifications to be complied to complied with according to the type of material concerned。

In Appendix A,which is not an integral part of the standard,it specifies the acceptance conditions of materials。
2.Field of application

This standard is applicable to all non-metallic materials,with the exception of paintwork where theyform part of passenger railcars,cabins,vans,observation railcars,wagons and their trailers,including drivers cabins where they exist as well as engine drivers cabins。

For electrical equipment it is complemented by NF F 16-102.


3.1 French Standards

NF C20-455 Test methods- Fire behaviour- Glow wire test – Inflammability and ability to be extinguished

NF C32-070 Insulated conductors and cables for

NF F 16-102 Rolling stock -Fire behaviour -Choice of materials,application to electrical equipment

NF G 07-128 Textiles – Fire behaviour – Determination of oxygen number at room temperature

NF P92-507 Buildings – Construction and furnishing materials – Classification according to reaction to fire

NF T 50-071 Plastics – Fire reaction tests – Determination of oxygen number

NF X 10-702 Fire test methods – Smoke emission – Test of measurement of spectific optical density of smoke by yhe combustion or the pyrolysis of solid materials

X 65-010 Fire behaviourtests tests – General principles

X 65-020 Fire behaviourtests tests – Vocabulary

X 70-100 Fire behaviourtests tests – Analysis of pyrolysis and combustion gases- pipe still method

3.2 Specification of the Internation Railways Union(UIC)

UIC 564-2 Rules ralating to proection and fight against fire in railway Vehicles in international service,carrying passengers or assimilated vehicles