UL 防火认证: UL 10B-防火门防火测试认证

UL 10B Fire Test of Door Assemblies

UL 10B 针对门系统结构的防火测试

UL防火认证-UL10B-防火门防火测试认证 – UL认证简述



– These methods of fire tests are applicable to door assemblies of various materials and types of construction for use in wall openings to retard the passage of fire

– Tests made in conformity with these test methods register performance during the test exposure; and such tests shall not be construed as determining compliance for use after exposure to fire

– It is the intent that tests made in conformity with these test methods develop data to enable regulatory bodies to determine the compliance of door assemblies for use in locations where fire resistance of a specified duration is required.

– These methods are intended to evaluate the ability of a door assembly to remain in an opening during a predetermined test exposure

– The tests expose a specimen to a standard fire exposure controlled to achieve specified temperatures throughout a specified time period, followed by the application of a specified standard fire hose stream. The exposure, however, is not representative of all fire conditions, which vary with changes in the amount, nature, and distribution of fire loading, ventilation, compartment size and configuration, and heat sink characteristics of the compartment. It does, however, provide a relative measure of fire performance of door assemblies under these specified fire exposure conditions.

fire resistance test        firedoor



– 1000°F (538°C) at 5 min

– 1462°F (795°C)at 20 min

– 1550°F (843°C) at 30 min

– 1700°F (927°C) at 1 h

– 1850°F (1010°C) at 2 h

– 2000°F (1093°C) at 4 h

– 其他更多时间


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